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Our experienced painters can achieve special effects on paint finishes through various painting techniques such as combing, sponging, and other faux finishes. Have us paint your walls just the way you like it. Follow link to see more examples.


Ragging is a broken color technique which creates a random pattern that resembles crushed velvet. The random pattern is perfect for adding interest to a wall and is useful for disguising uneven or blemished surfaces.




Color washing

The subtle blending of translucent washes of color to give walls a soft and weathered style. This technique is ideal for walls that are uneven or in poor condition, as any imperfections become part of the home.



Basket weave

This decorative pattern gives the appearance of a woven, interlocking design that resembles basketry.



Mutton Clothing

Mutton clothing gives a fine and delicate finish. The mutton cloth leaves an impression of the weave. Because the cloth absorbs more paint in some areas, the erratic look creates soft, cloud-like shapes that blend together on the surface.



Oil or Scumble Glaze

Oil glaze work, also known as scumble glazing, creates a softened broken-color finish on walls. The glaze spreads a soft, cloudy veil of color over the underlying paint. This technique enriches the surface; giving it depth, movement, and texture.


Painting & Stenciling

An easy way to add a decorative and individual style to a wall or room.



Stamp Decorations

Rubber stamping is a simple and effective way of decorating almost any flat surface.



Painting Stripes

Painting stripes on your wall, rather than using wallpaper, gives you the freedom to create any design you like.



Painting Stripes

Placing wide stripes in bold primary colors over a white background creates a playful, circus-like atmosphere in a child's bedroom.



Painting Stripes

Add a vivid, contemporary look to your bathroom with evenly spaced stripes over a white background



Halls, Banisters & Stairs

Add unique textures and designs to halls, banisters & stairs. The halls should bring the different elements and atmospheres of the individual rooms together. Staircases are viewed from all sorts of angles; any part of the wall, floor, or ceiling can be decorated.



Halls, Banisters & Stairs

We have lots of ideas to share!


Plaster Coving

Add instant elegance and character to a room by decorating the joining of the wall and ceiling with distinctive strips of designer coving.



Decorative Painting

Customize your home to your individual personality. Combine faux finishes with artistic designs to create a home with artistic expression. Many designs are available. Contact us for more information.


Decorative Painting

Select designs directly from our artist or consult with her to find the right design for your home.









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